Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Languid Leaves

Well then. Already, this next mixed piece is proving somewhat problematic. From the start, I had a fairly clear idea as to what I wanted to do, flower-wise anyway, and then had a flash of inspiration for the composition. Alas, these do not seem to want to work together. It's those orchid leaves that are just not behaving themselves.

You're off mate!

Oh, those leaves!
And they could do with a bit of a buff.
The orchid was looking so beautiful, with it's gorgeous, arching flower spikes, stunning lemony yellow flowers, splotched with pink and those shapely buds, tinged with green. The composition was really coming on a treat, with a lovely combination of shapes, colours and textures. Then I had to get those great big tongue-like leaves into it all somehow. And that's when I hit a wall. No matter how much I tried the composition with the leaves, it looked heavy and cumbersome, while all the time those lovely flowers and buds were looking magnificent. Oh, how I didn't want to think the unthinkable, and ditch my little beauty altogether!

That pink might be a bit much with yellow.

'Tis a wonderous thing.
Oriental lilies have a heady scent, that fills my little studio with
a touch of the exotic.

Alas, that naughty orchid, has been put out of the way in favour of...freesias! Not as exotic, and certainly not as glamorous but they are pretty and elegant, and curve in just the right way I want them to. Oh how I would have liked Calla Lilies, Nerines or Iris, but it's October and pickings are relatively thin in the garden. So, I have to take what I can get from the supermarket, florist or plant nursery. The arching habit of the freesia will give me the same shape as the orchid flower spike, but the leaves are a little more forgiving in a composition. Here we go again then...

The usurper.
Pretty, dainty and delicate Freesia,
(with my lovely orchid, still trying to take the stage).
The cool, lilac will tone down that hot pink.

...but that orchid will be back!


Janene said...

Too bad about having to switch to a different companion plant, but perhaps two prima donnas on one page would be too much anyway! ;-) It sounds like the freesias will be happy to be a supporting actor. I look forward to seeing your progress!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Janene. Ha, ha, yes perhaps the orchid is sulking like a diva, but the freesia is definitely working out better.

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Oh my - this assignment is doing my head in. So many choices - and compositions ... but to settle on one is difficult. I did as I thought I would and tried three different options - am hoping the current one will be the finale but you never know .... lovely lily you have there Jarnie!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Have to agree with you there Vicki. This assignment really is the hardest yet. A few of my original ideas didn't work and have tried a few selections. hopefully the one I am on now will be, The One!

Jessica Rosemary Shepherd said...

Yep - I know about those leaves - that's why Phil the phalaenopsis doesn't have any in Milly's painting. It's looking great though Jarnie - nice mixture going on there.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Ah yes, your composition of orchids was truly scrumptious. My poor old thing is out of the picture now, maybe next time.