Monday, 29 October 2012

Painting by Numbers

Well now, finally I am back online after a weekend long, 'Broadband Blackout'. Oh how is it possible that I have become so reliant on email, Facebook, being able to get on the Web to find general niff-naff and of course, Blogger, that when it goes down for a whole three days it feels like it's about 1850 (plucked from the air). Back again, Hoorah!!

When I updated the blog the other day, it struck me that my black-outlined picture looks very much like those pictures you used to get in, 'painting by numbers' books. When I was very little, Mum would keep me occupied for hours with a load of colouring pencils and a big book filled with picture outlines ready to colour in. As was the trend back then, Disney characters, nursery rhymes and baby animals were the popular choice, and I would carefully fill in each bit, taking care not to go over the edge, of course. The memories!!
Pardon the reminiscences, but there you have it. Oh, if only it were that simple with this one, but at least one approach has never changed. Don't go over that edge!!

The Freesia buds in varying stages of development. The largest bud is showing just a hint of the lilac colour of the flowers. I'm loving this freesia, and so pleased I ditched the orchid in favour of it.

Taking care on the Freesia
Work begins on A12



Hedera said...

Your posts always make me smile Jarnie. This new study is looking lovely!!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Hedera, that's really lovely of you. this one is BIG!!