Tuesday, 2 October 2012

That Eureka Moment!

Well, it finally hit me this weekend. Of all the places where inspiration strikes, it always seems to be when I am looking casually through my Dad's 'Oxfam Library' of gardening gems. Dad, like me, loves a rummage through the old books in charity shops, and always seems to find the, 'diamonds in the rough'. And so it was that on a visit this weekend whilst flipping through a Constance Spry book of flower arranging, Bang! There it was, the perfect design for my next mixed assignment composition.

Never under estimate a charity shop, there are some real bargains to be found. And these beauties have now been gifted to the 'Squirrel Archives'.

Two classic books from the 1980s
Good old Marks and Spencer and the ever reliable Hamlyn
published these handy guides.

To flesh the whole thing out, I will need loads of photos, sketches and hopefully, some live subjects this time. I fancy pink again methinks.  

An inspiration board of bright pinks.
Really hoped to use Opera Rose for this one.
Going with a simple selection of Lily, Orchid and Ivy, I wanted a really elegant style to show off the long stems and buds of the orchid, the trailing habit of ivy and the exotic colour and shape of the lily. The predominant colour here will be the exotic colouring of the orchid, with the lily being towards the lilac end of the pink spectrum. The ivy will hold everything together with a mix of deep green and variagated leaves. There may still be some room for zingy Euphorbia, and of course the leaves will have to go in too, to fill the gaps, but we will see. This will be an unusual composition, but I love the idea and really hope I can pull it off with panache.

And now for something completely different.
Canary yellow Orchid
Going for yellow, (again) may seem like some kind of
cruel and unusual punishment, but it is delicious.
Being a little anxious about how it will come together, I am keeping this one under wraps until I have got it underway. Sorry for the secrecy, but you know how it is, you talk about something with great enthusiasm and follow it right through the planning stage, only for it to all come to nought. 


Debbie Nolan said...

My Dear - so glad you found inspiration. You and your dad are two after my own heart because I adore looking at old books and magazines. I know what you mean about not talking about a project too much - somehow it does cool the enthusiasm. Why is that?? Thanks for sharing and good luck.

Claire said...

Can't wait to see it Jarnie,I'm sure it'll all go brill xx

Hedera said...

I love it when inspiration appears unexpectedly - the best possible way. Good luck with your project :)