Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Weekend Away, (and the nursery cat!)

Time marches on and with this course there always seems to be so little of it. With one week to go before the deadline for this piece, any minor interruption, (such as a freezer breakdown) can feel like a major incident. But who cares, I do not allow such things to get in the way of weekends away, so off I went on one of my many trips to London.
Not one for resting on the laurels, I used the time with Mum and Dad to take a trip to the plant nursery near our home. I love this place and love the familiarity of the greenhouses, trees, and even their cat! Ah yes, the cat. The cat is an important part of any trip and we always try to look out for him. Last time we went, he had found a particularly comfy spot on top of the compost bags in one of the greenhouses. Woe betide any poor individual who decided to buy a bag, as prizing this little creature from his prime position would have proved a painful experience. This time, puss decided to follow us just about everywhere, charging about, getting underfoot, and wanting lots of attention. Bless!! 
Looking out for new specimens to paint is always good and I was on the hunt for a number of winter winners for the garden, including witch hazel, euonymous and more hellebores. Pickings were unusually slim and I had to satisfy my shopping requirements with some Helleborus niger. Not quite the bootful I had planned on but still, a good find.

To the victor, the spoils.
After a good hunt round, I found these little beauties.


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Jarni - glad you had a great week-end. Bet flowers are hard to find blooming this time of the year. Have a great week.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Debbie, yes it will be tricky to find some companions for the next one.