Friday, 23 November 2012

All Tangled Up!

Yes, it's variegated ivy time, and what a time I am having of it too! There are at least three shades of green going on with these leaves, plus the yellowy base colour. The shadows in particular are an interesting challenge too, making sure that one side of the leaf is slightly darker to the other adds to the task. To achieve this, I have left some of the colours a bit 'washed out' to give the appearance of light and used a greeny-grey wash over all of the darker side. It seems to work quite well.
Not too many of the leaves are showing in their entirety, with bits poking out from behind other flowers to give depth to the overal composition. As the brief stated a 'mixed' composition, I added the flowers and buds of the ivy, which are like a froth of dainty clusters of  pale green 'baubles', which will become berries later in the season. 
Anyway, with the exotic plethora of A12 or 'Hogarthy Happiness' as I am now calling it, done and dusted, it's onto the mighty epic that is, The Diploma Portfolio. Yes, the gargantuan three month painting marathon is here and there is no time to shy away from the task at hand.  Three big pieces in three months, a botanical challenge indeed. Put your seat belts on, it's going to be a bumpy ride!!

Finished.At last!


Claire said...

Great work Jarnie xx

Julie Whelan said...

This is beautiful Jarnie and I love the composition :) Goodluck with your diploma pieces...My seat belt is on! xox

Inky Leaves said...

Looking wonderful Jarnie! Yes Ivy is a complete pain. I did a variegated Ivy leaf for my mixed leaf study and for assignment 12 I decided I would use just green ivy. It was still tricky though, because the leaves don't really curve that much so you don't really get much shadow play. Anyway - you have done a marvelous job as usual! Well done!