Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Just the Two of Us!

Onto the lilies now, and I am having all sorts of fun and games trying to get the blend of colours right. Each petal has a sort of a stripe up the mid-rib that goes from green-to-yellow-to pink-to a sort of purply colour. Getting these colours to go on without getting muddy has required careful technique, so lots of practice had to be done first to avoid an angry scene. 
That aside, the colour of this flower is stunning, a really clear bright pink with a few spots but certainly not as mad as the Stargazer lilies that I had first considered. No idea what these ones actually are, all I know is that after a mad dash, I got them from Waitrose. A bit pricey yes, but Waitrose is always reliable for their flowers, and as we are in a bit of a shopping twilight zone, one of the few places I can go for a good selection.

The buds of this lily are a more delicate affair. The one I am painting just now has a paler look to it, with purply pinks and greens catching the light to give a fresher feel. Put together, this colour combination looks quite nice against the cool lilac of the freesia. The open and profile flowers will, of course have lots more zing, with that punchy, brighter pink coming into its own. Can't wait!

Just the two of us?
Not for long.  


Claire said...

Beautiful so far Jarnie xxx

Jarnie Godwin said...

Oh, thank you Claire. Lots of hard work ahead. x

Inky Leaves said...

Love the buds - so much hope held in every one. Fabulous green textures too.

Jarnie Godwin said...

I think painting buds is one of my favourites here.