Friday, 30 November 2012

Knowing Your Onions

So, onions it is then. Now, although I do dabble in a spot of gardening I am not 'up' on the names and varieties of red onions that out there. They are red, and they are onions what more is there to know? Only kidding of course, but I will need to have a good trawl through the Squirrel Library Archive to discover exactly what my onions are.
That aside, work has begun on the sketches and planning for the final piece, and I am actually quite looking forward to painting this one. Now I know what I am doing, the stress levels have subsided a little and I am getting myself, 'in  the zone' to get cracking with it. Pinks, reds and purples are amongst my favourite colour mixes, (as you all know) but the papery textures will be a challenge.
Although I have not yet finalised the composition, I am planning to include a cut half and some green shoots from a sprouting onion for some contrast. You know how onions tend to split into separate little 'onionlets'? Well I am hoping to find one of those too!

The first sketchbook page for the Diploma Portfolio.
Hmmm, perhaps a leek might go with those...

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