Thursday, 22 November 2012

Perfect Preparation

The weather of late has been somewhat wet. To be honest that really is an understatement, it has been really, really wet. In fact, here in Blighty it feels like it hasn't stopped raining since April. Flooding has been a major part of day to day life for many people this year, and although (touch wood!) we haven't had such a disaster there is always the need to start thinking about being prepared for the worst, especially as many are suggesting that this winter will be one of the worst.Crikey! 
With this in mind, (and having lived through a few winters without heating), we have got a couple of sandbags stashed away, a snow shovel, grit, wood for the woodburner, a good bottle of Scotch, (for medicinal purposes, of course), flood covers for the airbricks, and enough blankets to reach the Moon and back! One thing we don't have, which I think really should go on my Christmas list is an Ark! Shopping for such an item is proving troublesome, but I think I may have found something.
Knit your own Ark!
Alas I have no small people to make this for,
but any excuse!
Alan Dart comes up trumps again  
Just a bit of fun to raise a smile to anyone else finding this weather rather tiring and not at all amusing. Here's hoping it stops soon, but then again there is still the snow to come. Hmmm perhaps we may need to top up on the tomato soup!  

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