Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tears Before Bedtime?

I change my mind like the weather, although to be honest there hasn't been much change there for about a month! Anyway, last time I said I was going to tackle the botanical illustration first, well I'm not! Looking at the red onions I was peeling for yesterday's dinner, I had that eureka moment and decided that they would be perfect for the vegetable study. Red onions are just fabulous, with great colour, texture and endless possibilities for interesting angles, and just delicious roasted with some red peppers, tomatoes and courgettes. Not forgetting some crushed garlic and a touch of salt and pepper and a good glug of olive oil.

And here's one I made earlier!
Whilst working on the A8, the vegetable assignment,
I completed a couple of onions.
See, they can come in handy!
So, whilst defrosting in front of our toasty warm wood burning stove yesterday, I came up with a mass of sketches. I must try to get out of the habit of using envelopes, old receipts, backs of magazines, in fact any old scraps to do my sketches on. There has been more than one occasion where 'Husband' has gone to chuck something out, only for me to rush at him, and not in a romantic way to prevent some disaster.

Notebook, colour chart and scraps of paper.
There is even a recipe for some cheese scones on one piece!
So, red onions it is then, but I am not going to do that classic string of onions thing that have become so popular of late, I am not in France! Others can go down that road and jolly good luck to them, there is only four weeks to get this thing done and I am not the 'Speedy Gonzales' of the botanical art world. In the composition I plan to include a cut onion, that should be fun!!


Janene said...

Great idea--I can't wait to see your progress. I think I will start with the fruit/vegetable part of the assignment too but haven't decided on my subject yet.

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

I think my tears will be for other reasons ... you have done some lovely studies already Jarnie.
I don't think you will have any problems getting the work done.
Nice colours and a great subject too. Look forward to your progress.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Janene. Thought about tackiling the dissections first but decided against it. I quite enjoyed our previous veggie assignment so thought i would start with a high.x

Oh thank you Vicki, you are such a kind soul. Hope all is well with you and wishing you all the best for your next one. x