Monday, 26 November 2012

The Final Furlong

Well, there it is, the final assignment piece has been dispatched and the end is in sight. All that stands between me and the end of the course are the three last pieces making the Diploma Portfolio. These will be quite possibly the most important pieces of artwork I will ever do and the last chance I will get to boost my final grade. Of course there will be important pieces to come, but these ones are a bit special.
The eventual outcome for me will be to gain associate membership of the SBA, hopefully leading to full membership. As with many of my DLDC colleagues, making botanical illustration the next career step would be the ideal, but there is a lot to do and plans to make in order to make that happen. Wheels are in motion already, so watch this space.
As for the next three, I am working on the illustration first, (or maybe the veg!). This will be the hardest one to tackle as I will need to dissect the subject and choose a layout that is pleasing. My last one of these came out a little less than perfect, no chance of that this time. One change will be to complete the dissections in graphite rather than watercolour as I think it looks better. So, thinking on a subject, Hellebores are a perennial favourite as are orchids, but I will complete some quick sketches on both before the final decision.

Helleborus niger
White on white? Hmmm
Always a tricky one to go with.
Although making a white flower look grey is even worse

The gorgeous leaves and reddish stems
would look pretty though. 

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