Saturday, 8 December 2012

Adventures with Alliums (and parcels!)

Paint is on the paper, hurrah!!, I have overcome that dreadful 'expanse of white paper' feeling whenever I start a new piece. It really is an affliction, hands shaking, I get a bit sweaty palms and make any excuse to have another cup of tea, do some ironing, bake some bread, anything but start that painting. Not this time, with a feeling of focus and purpose, the first washes for the leek leaves are on. Phew! It never looks particularly promising at this stage, with just some streaks of colour here and there to give the general idea, but it's early days.

The first, watery wash 

Making a start on that leek.
Mapping out the cool and warm shades

Postie has been delivering a lot to Squirrel HQ recently, with lots of festive treats now awaiting the final flourish of ribbons and wrapping. Amongst the purchases this year was something for the garden. Normally, I wouldn't normally buy plants over the net but I couldn't resist this yuletide favourite. Appropriately named, 'Yuletide',  my new camellia has deliciously red but simple flowers from November to January and is usually blooming in time for Christmas, so expect some sketches and photos of this one, (once it arrives that is!). 

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