Monday, 31 December 2012

Mixed Nuts

Well, it will be mixed flowers actually, but this latest one is driving me nuts! That post Christmas lull of 'cabin fever' where you have been slopping about the house for so long that getting back into any sense of 'normal' just feels weird. Still, work I must, and this next mixed study will be a wintry cornucopia of twiggy and flowery loveliness. One hopes anyway.

Full of spring promise.
Camellia 'Anticipation'

Against a white background, the green of the mistletoe
really sings of festive glory. 
Mistletoe featured in our Christmas decoration around the house this year and I am in the middle of some sketches of this little curiosity. To compliment the pearlescent white of the mistletoe berries, I am hoping to include some of my camellias. Alas, 'Yuletide' didn't live up to its name. Perhaps the plant I have is a little small and will need to grow up a bit before it can bloom. Then, to round off the lot, some sprigs of viburnum tinus berries. Gorgeously purple and shiny like buttons, these berries will offer a bit of depth and as they are blueish in tone, should recede and cool things down a bit. The evergreen leaves should come in handy too.



Debbie Nolan said...

Always love to view your work - have enjoyed seeing your art this past year and looking forward to the coming New Year's posts as well. Have a Happy New Year.

Hedera said...

The mistletoe will make a lovely painting - I'm looking forward to the seeing the results!
Happy New Year Jarnie :)

Julie Whelan DipSBA Botanical Artist said...

Loving the mistletoe :)x