Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Three Piece Suite

This time of year always has the feel of a warm blanket. Nostalgia, and cosy memories of times past are all wrapped up in our preparations for the festive season. Making the Christmas cake, the kitchen filled with the scent of warm spices and brandy-soaked fruits, using the same recipe our family has used for years, wiped away all those years back to when I was about 7 and helping my Dad do the exact same thing.

Nostalgia will always have it's place but nowadays season's greetings are sent via Facebook, Twitter and email, shopping is all done online and many of us fly to warmer climes to escape the gloomy, winter chill of Britain. And I don't blame you, just now it is miserably cold and wet here, and any snow just means that the airports close, trains don't run and the roads get blocked!

Moving on, ahem! The veggie study is coming along quite nicely but the true enormity of the, 'Three Piece Suite' as I call it, is just beginning to take effect. Waking up at about 3.30am thinking about flowers for a mixed piece is no fun, and now every time I see flowers I am looking to see how I could carve it up to see how it operates! Desperate times indeed.

The almost finished leek.
Just the onion to go. 

If you were to ask me how many hours this has taken, I don't think I could honestly give you an answer. All I know is that it has taken a very long time and I am delighted to see the end of all this detail. Of course, I could go on, and on with it, but there has to be a time when time is against you, and enough really is enough.


Claire said...

Love that you call it the 3 piece suite! heh hee
Looking great too xx

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Gorgeous greens Jarnie.
Does it help that I know how you feel?
Probably not ...
It's our usual hot summer here but much easier to get around.
Okay - back to it ...

Jessica Rosemary Shepherd said...

Looking good Jarnie - so soft and every so slightly Georgia O'Keeffe. Beautiful!! You must be pleased/very excited about where this one is going!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Claire, yes I thought the title suited it too. x

Ah Vicki, yes it does help to know that there are plenty of us out there all feeling a bit daunted and pushed to our painterly limits! Hope yours are coming along. x

Thanks Jess, I am quite pleased with how quickly this one has progressed. Just excited about getting them out of the way. x

Hedera said...

So impressive Jarnie - This piece is looking very beautiful :)

Janene said...

It's pretty chilly and damp here too but at least we are not as tempted to go outside and play, right? I am going with the veggie theme for the first of the three too. Your leek is looking great! Best wishes~

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Hedera, good to hear from you. Glad you like it. x

Oh yes Janene, keep indoors where it's warm and dry. Aha! I shall look forward to seeing your progress with your veggies too. x