Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Anyone for Sledging?

So, the snow finally came last Friday and Britain ground to a halt. It's the same every year, we get a bit of snow and then...shutdown. No trains, no planes and here, no automobiles! Just lots of cheeky little tikes throwing snowballs and sledging down the road. Oh to be 12 again! 

A favourite spot for me in the garden.
Perhaps not today though!
I know you're in there!
Even the birds are staying indoors

No such fun and games for me, that deadline isn't getting any longer, so onwards!! Fuelled and fortified by tea and birthday cake, the dreaded nemesis that is the mixed floral is coming along, but for comfort, could be coming along a little quicker. The plan is to have this one out of the way by January 30th, giving a good month to get the last one done.

A small corner 


Vicki Lee Johnston said...

To those of us living on the other side of the world the snowy scenes appear quite magical, although I realise they do bring inconvenience.
Your mixed work is already looking so pretty - lovely soft washes and nice blending.
Well done Jarnie, so close now.

Janene said...

Looks like you are making good progress. I am trying not to get distracted from my diploma pieces as well but I wouldn't mind some snowy scenes to gaze at out my window. We've only had a few snowflakes here. Btw, belated happy birthday!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Vicki. Yes, I guess some cooler weather would be welcome where you are. It has been so hot for you guys lately. The snow has been quite fun, and everyone loves to build a snowman!xx

No! Don't get distracted Janene, time is pressing and we are so nearly there. And thank you for the birthday wishes, it was a great day. xx