Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Forage Factor

Well, here we are in 2013, and getting back into the daily routine has been a slow and rather sluggish affair. Lots of brisk walking on a daily basis in crisp weather certainly blows the cobwebs away and gets that fresh oxygen into the brain, something I have been sorely needing lately!
During one of these forays into the 'great outdoors' I packed a small pair of secateurs and a plastic bag for any gems I might find. Not expecting to find much, nothing really caught my eye until, on reaching a roadside hedgerow, I hit the jackpot! Lots of gorgeously bulging rose hips and deep purply-black berries were hitting their peak, but in amongst all this was a real find. Garrya, or the 'Silk Tassel Bush' is an old-fashioned garden favourite but something of a rarity, falling by the wayside with modern tastes. Deciding to bring all this home, I finally found the inspiration I needed to get the final mixed study under way.
Garrya or, the Silk Tassel Bush
The 'tassels' can get to 14 inches long!  
All wrinkly and shiny, but still beautiful
Rose hips from the Dog Rose

Hazel catkins always look fabulous just before they burst
When they do, it's all yellow froth

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MILLY said...

Best wishes for 2013 and more drawings and painting. An interesting group of specimens from the hedgerow. After the mild period lots of buds are out, primrose flowering and cowslip, poor things now covered in frost!
Hope you are keeping warm.