Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Next Step

Ah yes, the thorny question of what to do when the course ends. For me, this will be rather soon, March in fact, so time is of the essence to think about moving on. Of course like many, I would like to sell my work and get my pieces selected for exhibitions, but this is a harsh world and there is a lot of luck involved as well as talent, and there is certainly a lot of that about. Getting work noticed and having a genuine style is the key, (and a large portion of lucky breaks!).
The new year has already got off to a lovely start, with the Honeysuckle Heart, (or, Sammy and Lucy as you may know it) being selected for the next SBA Exhibition, being nominated for a MAM Award, getting a page on the botanical gallery site Botanical Artists (coming soon), and now my new online shop at Open House Art, (the 'Shop' page at the top of this page will take you straight there, which is handy). All my recent SBA assignments will be available soon as prints, but three are available now, including the Honeysuckle Heart. A number of other irons are poking about in the fire and fingers are loitering around innumerable pies! So further, plans should be unfolding soon.

As a January baby, birthdays are often cold, wet miserable affairs, during a time when everyone is all spent out or on post-Christmas diets! As a simple creature, I enjoy the pleasures of homemade cake, a phone call from family back home, quality time with 'Husband' and perhaps some fresh flowers for the table. This year, the team really pulled out the stops with deliveries all through the day.

Oh, and work progresses, of course!
A pretty, scented selection of spring beauties 
Roses from 'Husband'...

...and from my brother and his girlfriend

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