Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A First Class Stamp and a Forklift Please!

So much to do and so little time. A saying that is most apt just now as I work speedily towards the deadline. Of course, there is also paperwork to be done and checklists to consult and packages to be sealed up before the trudge to my long suffering postie. The staff at our local post office are used to my large brown envelopes being sent backwards and forwards, but this time, blimey! With two rather full sketchbooks heading towards their destination in Dorset, I think a fork lift truck may well come in handy. 
Lots of my SBA friends are feeling the pressure too as they get ready to submit their first pieces to the exhibition, it will be exciting to see who got what in. Having to submit five or six pieces to one exhibition is a huge undertaking, but with a possible Associate Membership to the society up for grabs, there is all to play for and it is certainly worth a punt. It goes without saying that I really do wish all of you submitting to the SBA this year the very best of luck with your endeavours.
Onto the work in hand. Well, it's nearly there, although I will be working right up to the wire with this one as I had to start again. Oh yes, even at this late stage, an 'error' occurred, (catastrophe more like!) so another tracing had to made. There it is! Apart from that, the flowers, bulbs, roots and dissections are all nearly there and with a week and a bit to go. I think it will be alright.   
Iris reticulata 'Purple Gem'
Not the regular blue, this one has tones of red and lilac
Roots need some touching up and the other bulb will have pencil
root details. 

An opening flower and a closed bud make three.
Always work in odds, it looks better. 


Claire said...

Nearly there Jarnie, must be getting really exciting. Good luck with it all xxx


all the best with your submission ...fingers crossed !

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Claire. Yes, it's exciting but daunting. x
Thanks Jane, yes all mine are crossed too! x

Jessica Rosemary Shepherd said...

Good luck with your submission Jarnie!!! You've worked so hard for it I wish you all the very best. I love seeing the Iris flowers in bud. So often people paint them open only (who can blame them - they are so gorgeous open) but the buds are full of potential and bursting with energy. Fab.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Jess, you really are such a darling. The iris was actually a rushed choice, but so happy to have painted them. The buds are my favourite, I love to watcc them unfurl.