Wednesday, 27 February 2013

So, what now?

Ha, ha, I'm free! It is somewhat liberating to wake up in the full knowledge that I do not have a deadline to work to or an assignment to start. But then, on the other hand it is also a little scary, no challenge, no direction! Idle hands and all that. Well, not here at Squirrel HQ, plans are always afoot for the next game plan and as tea is the fuel that turns the wheels of industry in this house, the teapot has rarely been allowed to go cold over the past few days. Onwards!

Just before we carry on, I was going through some of my sketchbooks and I just had to share this little chap with you.

Baby Rabbit
watercolour on NOT paper
Back to those wheels. Luckily, I had a brand new sketchbook loitering about the house that has now been brought into active duty to jot down loads of new ideas. Nothing really solid but with a bit of tweaking here and there, things are coming into shape. A year in the garden might follow a month-by-month series of 12 paintings of things I plant in the garden. Another idea I quite like is to paint the wildflowers that grow within one square metre of South Downs chalk meadow. This is a really rare habitat with some very endangered species of plants and wildlife, such as native orchids and butterflies so it might be quite a topical theme.

Happiness is... a brand new sketchbook, a nice sharp HB pencil,
and a cup of tea, of course!

Anyway, these are all just notions fluttering about just now, and I am sure that many other ideas both sensible and a bit, well 'left field' will burst forth. The sketchbook will make an interesting future read methinks. In the meantime, here are some other musings from my sketchbook.

Windows can be such wonderful subjects.
The shutters really were like that.
A window of opporutnity perhaps?

Anyone for mackerel?

Really quick and really fun!

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