Monday, 4 February 2013

Spring Promises

With February here at last and the days getting longer, thoughts are turning to my spring garden. The hellebores have been going strong since just before Christmas, and even during the recent snow they managed to pop their cheery little heads up. Now, the early flowering iris are here. These are such gentle, simple, elegant and beautiful flowers, with their starry blooms surviving even the most blustery winds. Gorgeous as a botanical subject. 
There will be so much to do in our garden, it's a wilderness that hadn't been touched for years and even now, we are still finding treasures. Last summer, a beautifully scented mock orange made itself known from the back of a border and another sheet of corrugated metal had been discovered buried in the vegetable patch! Don't ask, I have no idea? So, with lots of digging and clearing we may create a new space for the camellias I bought for 'Nemesis', ahem, the mixed study I mean.

These beautiful Iris flowers came for my birthday.
A summer flower that need a very hot, sunny spot in the garden
to look their best. 

Iris reticulata
A very early flowering iris, perfect for the illustration.
These have been brought in from the garden,
 but will go back where they belong.

the buds are a real treat on this plant and a must for the painting.

The colours on the back are just eye-poppingly delicious! 

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