Tuesday, 26 March 2013

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling!

To say it is blisteringly cold here is a remarkable understatement! In some places the temperature is about 10 degrees below the seasonal average. Now it's getting silly, with 14 foot snow drifts, hail, rain and more snow, there's no chance of getting outside to do any painting. Boo!

However, there is a distinctly warm glow around Squirrel HQ as the diploma results are in! With trembling hands and a racing heart, the familiar brown correspondence envelope was opened. First up was the invite to the graduation evening and private view of the SBA exhibition. Oh my goodness, I thought my heart was going to leap into my mouth, as I fumbled around trying to find the piece of paper with my results on it. Finally I unfolded the bundle of assessment sheets and then, there it was, distinction!

Having the use of BSc, MTCg and PGCE after my name already pales into insignificance against the hardest fought of all my achievements, Dip SBA(Dist). Wishing lots of luck to those of you out there studying or waiting for results, especially my fellow SBA students.

Considering that it was only last month that I finished painting, 'The Three Piece Suite' for my portfolio, I had quite forgotton what they look like. Here's a reminder, for me as much as anyone else, as it won't be until the middle of April that I will get them back.    

Iris reticulata
The very last piece completed for the Diploma Course
This one gained my joint highest mark of the three

It was the veg that did it!
The joint highest mark, shared with my illustration. 

A small detail from the mixed study

The assessor thought the camellia buds could have
done with a little more depth.

And finally, to remind me where it all began.
This one is in my sketchbook
Wrong paper, cheap brushes and just look at those edges!



Sarah Morrish said...

Many congratulations Jarnie, truly deserved !
Stunning pieces of work !
Sarah x

Sarah Morrish said...

Many congratulations Jarnie, truly deserved. Stunning paintings !

Sarah x

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Congratulations Jarnie, you must be over the moon!

Jessica Rosemary Shepherd said...

Well done Jarnie!! So very pleased for you. You must have got a blinding result for your sketchbook too... It's amazing to see how well you have got on since you started. Now crack open the champers!!!

Claire said...

Oh wow, congratulations Jarnie. You more than deserve it.xxx will see you on that Thursday in London at Sba!!! Yay!

Debbie Nolan said...

Jarnie - congratulations...so nice of you to show your beginnings (which look pretty good to me) and your great achievements. Hope you will celebrate.

Elisabeth said...


Janene said...

Jarnie, Congratulations on your wonderful achievement!! I am very happy for you and can only imagine the suspense or looking through the envelope for those final marks. I am still waiting to hear...

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh, I am quite overwhelmed by all of your lovely comments. You darling people.

Good luck Janene with your results, do let us know asap how it all goes. x

Thank you Debbie, I can thank many of your wonderfully supportive comments for keeping me going. x

Oh Claire, you have been here since the early days, and you are a kind, warm, lovely gal. Really looking forward to seeing you. x

Sarah, your kind comments are humbling, as you are such a wonderful artist. x

Thanks Jess, since the early Squirrel days you have always had a kind, supportive word. You've been there, so you know. xx

Ah, Vicki with your busy life I have been delighted you have had time to add all of your lovely comments. x

Julie Whelan DipSBA Botanical Artist said...

Once again, congratulations and very well deserved :) xxxxx

Hedera said...

Jarnie - Congratulations!!! A well deserved result for a beautiful folio of work - I love your leek and onion study!! Have a wonderful time at the exhibition :)

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh Julie, you're a darling! Thank you again for your kind wishes, see you in London. xx

Thank you Hedera, it has certainly been a long old haul. Glad you like the 'Alternative Aliums', as I call it. Corks have been popping all week! xx

Tracy Hall said...

Congratulations Jarnie, so happy for you!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh thank you Tracy, that is so kind of you. xx