Thursday, 7 March 2013

What's Growing?

Nearly mid-March already! I can't quite believe just how we have got this far into the year so quickly. It must be the advancing years, (ha, ha) catching up with me. Anyway, I love this time of year. The promise of spring, with the early flowers of snowdrops, hellebores and crocus cheering up dull, February days, now handing the baton over to the daffodils, camellias.
Seeds are in abundance at Squirrel HQ, and now is the time to start thinking about getting the seed trays and pots out. March really is the start of the gardening year. The longer, (hopefully) brighter days give seeds the light they need to get going. The heat of early spring is not quite enough so, always being the eco-warrior, (ahem!) I use carrier bags, sandwich bags and cut-in-half- fizzy pop bottles to act as a mini propagator for each pot or tray. It's cheap, cheerful and works!
Tomatoes, green beans, courgettes, salad leaves and cabbages are sitting in their little pots alongside the astrantia, cranesbill, cosmos, foxgloves and other flower seeds, all ready for some warmth to get them going. Cuttings are also something I am addicted to just now. If it's a shrub I take a fancy to, out come the cutters and snip, snip! So far, successes include hydrangea, euphorbia, penstemon and all manner of other garden favourites. Even plants that grow over garden walls on the route of my run are in danger of a little light pruning. After all, that's where the Garrya for the mixed study come from.   
Alas not from my garden,
but here's hoping for an abundance of produce.

Collected flower and veg seeds, all ready to go!

Cuttings enjoying the brighter days.
A spot by the window helps!


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