Wednesday, 3 April 2013

And the Award Goes to...

Well, after all the razzmatazz of last week and much more still to come, the whirlwind of life as a botanical art student has indeed ended. And what an ending, I can still hardly believe that I have made so much progress, it is really quite astonishing!
Of course, there is still the informal gathering that will make up the graduation ceremony to go and I am really excited about meeting up with some of the great people from the course. Many will be coming from far flung destinations such as Hong Kong, Australia, USA and Canada, a truly international affair. The evening should be full of cheery banter and a couple of drinkies always go down well too. Diplomas are awarded for Pass, Higher Pass, Credit and Distinction and everyone who gets one will have truly earned it, and deservedly so. Many, like me are just delighted to get through, and at the end of the day that's what counts. On the evening, awards will also be handed out for Excellence and Progress, not sure who has got these yet, so it will be exciting to see how these turn out.

X marks the spot
Students from all over the World will gather in London
for a truly international gathering
There will also be the chance for a viewing of 'Sammy and Lucy', the Honeysuckle Heart design completed earlier in the course. As you know dear reader, I was over the moon with this piece being selected and this on it's own would have topped my year. Many of my new friends will probably expect to find me standing right beside it with a megaphone shouting out, 'look! here's mine!!' Ha, ha I am sure there have been plenty of people tempted to in the past, but I shall just quietly enjoy the moment and move on to pour praise on my fellow students work. Can't wait.  


Janene said...

I so look forward to meeting you and seeing your work soon--best wishes!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Yes indeed, it should be a fun evening. x