Monday, 29 April 2013

Camera Quandary, Take Two!

There is a new camera to rival 'Little P'. For those who don't know, 'Little P' is my teeny-tiny, trusted Panasonic Lumix 'point and shoot', which I bought about a year ago, see My New Camera and The Camera Quandary. I love this little camera and it has been with me everywhere. In fact all of the photos on here are taken with this camera. Anyway, a step up was needed to help me take more close-up pictures to help with dissections and enlargements, and to give me more connectivity for uploading photos.
Macro photography gives a really close view of very small things like insects, raindrops and of course, flowers and although 'Little P' manages quite well, it has its limitations. There were three in the running with plenty of oomph, the Panasonic Lumix GX1, Canon EOS M and the new Samsung NX1000. Samsung is the new kid on the block in photography, taking on the big boys with a new kind of system. Don't ask me how this 'mirrorless' system works, but they reckon it's the future of digital cameras. The Canon EOS range is hard to beat, but these cameras can be quite big and bulky for small hands like mine and they are expensive. Canon have entered the compact system market with the 'M' range, but again these are a bit pricey and the external flash is enormous compared to the small, boxy camera.

The sharpness is fantastic on the Panasonic
but true Macro will get even closer without loss of focus.  
Panasonic make the ever-popular Lumix range and some of these come with a superior Leica lens. Leica lenses for anyone in the know are indeed 'the bees-knees'. Apparently Leica were the kit of choice for cold war spooks on all sides and you never see wildlife camera folk without them. Good enough for little old me then! However, the drawback, and there is hoofing great big one, again it's cost! £585 for the leica macro lens that goes with the GX1. Enough said. So, back to the Samsung. Some would say the build quality is not as good as the others, and there are fewer lenses to choose from. However, there are a couple of big reasons to look at the Samsung. The price is pretty good, you can take pictures with one hand, there are loads of helpful features, it has 20.3 mega pixels, and if you are quick and buy before the end of April, (Brits only here guys) you get a Samsung Tab 2 thrown in, (though check before you buy!).         

In the box.
Smart camera with full HD and wi-fi connectivity

It's a point and shoot, but not as we know it.
The flexibility of different lenses in a compact system, suit everyone.
This one is a standard 20-50mm and comes in the kit.

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