Monday, 8 April 2013

Further Plans

The signs of an extremely belated spring have started to appear at last. Ever so slightly warmer days, lighter, less blistering winds and an easing of the snow flurries may allow us to cheer a little for the coming week. However, before we get the bunting and barbecues out, there is of course, rain! My earlier idea of painting my Rhododendron have gone completely south as all of the opening flowers have withered in the freezing temperatures. Back to the drawing board then!

Although, there is always something lurking at the back that just gets on with it.

Jewel bright buds on the berberis.

Beautiful pink Rhododendron buds...

... but just as the flowers open, the frost gets them.
Elsewhere, plans are afoot for a new studio for Squirrel HQ. It became glaringly obvious during the course, that the tiny spare bedroom was not up to the job and as there is enough space in the garden, Squirrel will get its very own studio. Hooray! There will be no excuses of not enough room and I may even take back custody of the old A0 drawing board that currently languishes in my parent's loft. And, in the garden there is also the new veg patch taking shape.

Rediscovering the veg patch.
Raspberries and blackberries growing up the trellis,
with blackcurrants and rhubarb in the narrow bed.
The larger bed will have beans, cabbages, broccoli
and butternut squash
Just now, I am gearing up for my first tutoring job. This weekend will see me taking on students for drawing classes and I am so looking forward to getting back in the teaching 'saddle'. Of course this is a bit different to taking on 30 14 year olds for double Geography or Art on a wet Wednesday in a local secondary. This will be a whole new experience that I am keen to extend, and am now looking to pass on my enthusiasm for botanical illustration by planning one-day workshops and classes at a local arts and heritage centre. This new centre already has a healthy mix of life classes, watercolour landscape painting and all manner of hands-on 'crafty' classes, as well as theatre and film nights. Hopefully I will fit in.  

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