Monday, 22 April 2013

Green Fingers and Edits

And so, life here at Squirrel HQ remains hectic as ever. With my first tutoring job underway and projects and paintings here, there and everywhere, this summer is starting out as a busy one. More about that in later posts. With no time to really think too much about what to do, time is of the essence and it really has been a case of make your mind up and just get on with it. A good thing too, otherwise I might just lose confidence, um and err a lot and do nothing.

Full of promise
Yellow primroses always look so cheery and optimistic

It is always lovely to see our most welcome garden visitors  

Pots and more pots!
The Cranesbill and Alstromeria seeds finally get planted  
This weekend saw the first really sunny days of the year so far. The warm sunshine meant that the garden actually got some proper attention and with 'Husband' finishing off the clearing of the new the veg patch, seeds have finally been sown and frenzied potting-on got underway. The cuttings from last year have also taken really well and I am experimenting with just about every shrub and plant in the garden, including a climbing rose! Whenever I hack off a bit of this or that for one of my paintings, I always look to see if I can get a good healthy cutting out of it to keep the thing going. Also, if something works well in a piece, you can use it again sometime.

Dicentra cuttings from last year, already in flower.

In the sink
Strawberry plantlets from last year are looking healthy and strong

And more cuttings
Must find a spot for these 'spotty laurels'

Elsewhere, I am eagerly awaiting the reunion with my sketchbooks and assignment piece. With the SBA Exhibition closing this weekend, hopefully it won't be too long before the hefty deliverance of two year's worth of musings. There is also much activity on the new website! Yes, you did hear correctly, 'Squirrel Goes Global' with the arrival soon of a new website. It's always handy to have a man about the place who just so happens to be a communications, networking and IT expert. I knew I married him for more than his boyish charms!!

Oh yes, nearly forgot, you may have noticed a few changes on the 'About Me' and 'Title' areas on the blog. Not a student anymore!! 


Hedera said...

A lovely, cheerful post Jarnie :)

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Ah, thanks Hedera. I'm here to brighten a dull day anywhere!x