Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Projects and Pincers!

So, with the veg patch coming along, seeds in and planting out being done, the studio is next on the agenda. The little spare room that has served me so well has had a good clear out over the past weeks. With cupboard space at a premium, there is a lot of stuff to get rid of and redirect to the loft, charity shop or bin. Until the 'shed' can have its much needed revamp, this little space will have to surfice.

In the veg patch?
 Rhubarb, yum!
Since graduating there have been loads of new ideas sparking away, but there is always the danger of running off at a tangent and getting carried away too quickly. A sensible, methodical approach is always a better option. Consider the opportunities presented, don't be afraid to wait or say 'no', and always do the things that appeal the most. There is no point in doing something that your heart is not really in as you will not give it the best of yourself! Steady on, I'm sounding a bit teacherish there. Old habits die hard I'm afraid. Still, it's a fair point!
First up is a lovely little piece for the newly formed Irish Society of Botanical Artists, which I am really excited to be part of. A well practiced 'pincer movement' from two of the founding members, who will remain nameless to prevent their blushes, caught me without my armour and I was helpless! Ha, ha, actually it was on a good humoured evening out where we were all celebrating, and the vino flowed, and well, what can I say? On reflection, it is a fabulous idea and I am really looking forward to being part of this terrific new venture.

Euphorbia's have that certain celtic zing!
Next on the agenda, will be the new pieces being planned for the SBA exhibition in 2014. As I said in a previous post, six pieces are needed for a 'fast-track' application to Associate Membership, but they don't all have to be new work. So, here I am planning to complete three or four themed paintings to go with the best of my portfolio pieces. This will also give me a chance to get some ideas together for the next 'Big Project', but more about that later. Also in the planning stage as well as the website are One-Day Botanical Art Workshops at a delightful arts and heritage centre near the South Downs, and I already have a private student.  

Hmmm, lots to choose from in the garden...

Viburnam tinus
Tiny white flowers but alas no scent

Egg-yolk-yellow and almost open
Berberis darwinii flowers

Willow catkins and silvery leaves

Viburnum tinus again, but this time the pinkish buds

Ah, how could I not include Dicentra

Oh, and I haven't forgotton Mum, it's your Birthday today.Happy Birthday! x


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Janene said...

Best wishes on all of your new projects including your website! I look forward to seeing it when it unveils.