Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Dust Settles? Err, Perhaps Not!

Well, the dust has finally settled on an eventful week and with new found confidence, it's best feet forwards from now on. The Distinction from the SBA Diploma course now allows me the breathing space of an opportunity to, 'fast-track' my application for Associate Membership of the society. This means I can submit six completed paintings in my first year of application. If all six are accepted, then Associate Membership is awarded. Normally, five paintings are submitted for two consecutive years, and all ten must be accepted before associateship is given A tough ask for any artist, but one that many are willing to go through in order to become part of a prestigious society in the botanical genre.
Luckily, some of my portfolio pieces can be submitted, but I will certainly complete a few more between now and the submission day next year. A theme might be the way ahead and I am still thinking along the lines of the, 'square metre' idea I had earlier. The chalk downs of the south of England are so beautiful and abundant with wildflowers. We just need the good weather of an 'English Summer' to get them all going. A year seems like a long time but the experience of some of my fellow SBA friends suggests not, so time really is of the essence. There are already some projects on the go and some more in the pipeline, but more about those later. Also, I don't want to go blabbing before things are certain. That's never a good thing in this game.

A scene of Chalk Down meadow
from Sarah Raven's book on British Wildflowers
Hopefully there will be something like this to greet me. 
The past few days have all been something of a blur, but I must just thank everyone who has left such generously supportive messages both here and on Squirrel's Facebook Page. Some of you may have seen Katherine Tyrrell's posts on the SBA exhibition on Making a Mark this week, including a rather 'interesting' picture of yours truly! As always there are lots of great background stories about the artists and insights into how to exhibit successfully. Hmmm, I must bookmark that bit!     
Currently, 'Sammy and Lucy' are still enjoying public attention at the exhibition in London and, 'The Three Piece Suite' is winging it's way to my dear printer with the intention of making a series of  limited editions, (available soon). Treat them like the Crown Jewels please darling. Hopefully, there will be loads to talk about over the coming months and lots more exciting developments here at Squirrel HQ to share with you. First up, a new studio space!  Now where did I put that sledge hammer?

Off we go again!
I always knew those flyweights and spare envelopes
would come in handy.  
Aim BIG!!
Here's the 'shed' we inherited when we moved in.
With some imagination and a bit of hard graft, voila!
Squirrel's new HQ.
As you can see, I need to get round to a lot of planting out.



Tipulida said...

Hi, from Karin - who almost not got here diploma because of the jeans ... :-)
Pure luck this must be, I just stumbled over your blog when scanning the net after blogs and other about botanical art.
I'll check in now and then and see how it goes for you, best of luck!


jarnie ....many congratulations !

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Karin, yes the jeans thing was very annoying. Glad you found the blog hope you enjoyed your visit.

Many thanks Jane, now for some 'real' hard work! :)