Monday, 15 April 2013

Trumpet Blowing Time!!

Oh my goodness me! What a delightful few days we have all just had. It really does all feel a bit sureal and I still haven't quite got a full grasp on all of the wonderful experiences I have had this week. First up was a quick flight round the SBA show on Thursday, followed by dinner in Covent Garden. This began as a good jolly with some fellow students and ended up as a mob over-taking of a restaraunt by about 18 people. The final bill was quite phenomenal, but a good time was had by all. Special mentions and thanks to the lovely  Claire, Lorraine, Sarah, Mary, Shevaun, Julie and new friend Yvonne for a gorgeous evening filled with laughter.

From the front: New friends,  Lorraine, Shevaun
and Julie (standing).
Also at dinner that evening, Katherine Tyrrel (of Making a Mark),
Fiona Strickland and her husband
Robert McNeill
New friends Mary, Claire, Sarah and Yvonne are sitting opposite
along with a whole bunch of others. There were 18 of us! 
Next came Friday, the BIG day and nerves kicked in pretty early on. Luckily 'Husband' was accompanying me to my graduation evening and meeting up with friends early in the day added to a party feel. Meeting Theresa with her terrific mum and the wonderful Gail for lunch near the Serpentine in Hyde Park gave us plenty of time to warm up and get the day going. Next onto a really delightful old pub for drinkies and then onto St. James's for the big night.
It wasn't until we arrived at our final destination that things began to go awry. First, 'Husband' was refused entry for wearing jeans. Oh great! Things got worse when a couple from Sweden turned up and were also refused entry. Luckily the wonderful Pam was upstairs and after a shaky conversation, she calmly took control, as she always does. With Margaret also on hand to put the doorman in his place and the prompt arrival of a delightful man who was a member of a private club in the building to add weight to proceedings, we all got in! Drinks please!!!

Ta dah!!
And there it is, the hard fought for certificate

See below for 'The Three Piece Suite' in all their glory, (along with the marks awarded)

The overly hot room was far too small for all of the students and their guests and many had to stand at the back. Hardly a way to feel special on such a big moment, and with the presentations due to take nearly an hour, many pairs of high heels were discarded for sake of comfort.  Being so overwhelmed by the occasion, I forgot to take photographs, but needless to say, we all got there, certificates received and smiles all round. The delightful Waiwai Hove received the Award for Excellence with a staggering 86 odd%. Waiwai is such a gorgeous girl, she deserves all the praise and I hope she goes on to great things. With more drinks, chat and happy banter but some rather mediocre nosh, we called it a night.
Saturday brought more splendour with a trip to the SBA show with my family in tow. On arrival, the first stop was to take a good look at my piece. Margaret was taking a new intake of students around and was speaking about the student work. Not wanting to crowd around, we all took a good look at the rest of the show. Some truly superb pieces, including those by some of my pals, were on display and even my dad appreciated the extraordinary level of skill needed in the genre. 'Husband' worked the room like a pro and got into conversation with another dutiful husband accompanying his wife just starting out on her course. You go for it girl, and huge support goes out to Brad from Texas who sounds like an absolute darling! Where would we be without our team!  A pub lunch beckoned, and after a rolling programme of here, there and everywhere, home again. Now the real work begins!  

A wonderful update of 'The Handbook of Plant Forms'
by Margaret Stevens

Well of course I had to seek out Shevaun Doherty's beautiful sketchbook
piece of olives. Amazing colours.

And my good friend Sandie Hawkins really knows
how to work a page. Stunning

You've seen them before, but how did they do?

Quite amazingly, this one got full marks, 25/25!
Assessor, Margaret Stevens
The judges were being generous as this one also
got full marks, 25/25.
Assessor, Kay Rees-Davies

The gravy train stopped here, this one got 23.8/25
Ah well, we can't all be perfect.
Assessor, Sandra Wall-Armitage

Feedback: The camellia leaf that meets and just touches the Garrya would have looked better if it had been
further away from it.

 Thanks to everyone I met who made the last few days so amazingly wonderful 


J R Shepherd said...

Well done Jarnie - fabulous marks for your work and deserved! Glad you had such a magical time. I wish I was there.

shevaun said...

Jarnie!! It was wonderful seeing you and what fun we had!! Your paintings are gorgeous and you well deserved the distinction. Welcome to the ISBA too... good times ahead!!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Jess and thanks for your support. We keep seeing each other in rushed hellos just as one or other of us is leaving. We must put that right one day! x

Thanks Shevaun, yes it was a great night. So happy to be part of the wonderfully merry band that is the ISBA! Good times indeed are ahead xx

Julie Whelan DipSBA Botanical Artist said...

Jarnie!!! What a fab blogger you are! Congratulations on the superb marks for your beautiful diploma pieces. Was so lovely meeting you and thank you for adding to the most amazing day ever! Xxx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Ah Julie, you really are such a darling. Thank you for all of your support and for being fab! x

Laura Ashton said...

Congratulations Jarnie!! I just saw this post now. Your portfolio pieces are amazing and an inspiration. Currently I am just working on my assignment 9 botanical illustration. I find your style and work very inspiring and I love how you always let plenty of light shine throw from the paper.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thank you Laura that is such a nice thing to say. It was such hard work, as you know, but so rewarding to see them all finished. At this point in the course, I had no idea how I would do so pulled all the stops out!