Monday, 20 May 2013

A Bit of Quiet Time

What a lovely, peaceful weekend I have just enjoyed. Saturday morning was taken up with a private lesson and as it was a lovely, sunny day, we went out into the garden to collect some subjects to paint. Just as were getting going, postie arrived with my copy of the Rory McEwan book, Colours of Reality. Oh goody, but alas I had to wait for a whole hour before I could delve into it. When we next get into London, I will be beating a path to the Shirley Sherwood Gallery at Kew for the, Rory McEwan's Legacy Exhibition

As much as I dare show you.
Inside is a wealth of deliciousness,
but respect of copyright prevents further divulgences.
You'll just have to get your own copy.

Ooh, that tantalising glimpse.

A quiet lunch followed, just me, as 'Husband' was at work for most of the day. What could have been better, a cup of tea in the sun with Radio 4 for company and a good read through my eagerly waited for book. Lovely. Then came my delivery from Jackson's. Paper and paints arrived in a huge box and it felt a bit like my birthday with all the packages building up, especially when my custom mounts arrived too, (I should really cut my own, just lazy this time). All present and correct, so on with the rest.

Lots of exciting new developments are in the wind for the next couple of months and I have been quite overwhelmed with all the gorgeously generous comments I have received about my work. The next few weeks will be taken up lots of organising, emails and phone calls here, there and everywhere. Oh and the hunt for a website designer is over, so World Wide Web here we come. Full steam ahead, although at some point it would be nice to have a holiday.

Trying new mounts for prints.
Pale cream goes quite well with the colours of the ivy.
Or maybe white?
Once the decision is made, they will be bagged and labelled.


Debbie Nolan said...

Jarnie your art is extraordinarily beautiful...I love the clematis that you showed in this post. I have been doing some catching up on your gardening chores and illness. Sounds like you are on the mend. It is just too nice to be sick. I have never eaten artichokes but they are something I would like to try. Take care and have a wonderful time reading the new book...I just may have to check this out!!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hello Debbie, Yes it's always better to keep busy and get on with the things that need doing. Do check the book out if you can, so inspiring. x