Wednesday, 8 May 2013


If any of you have ever had food poisoning, you will surely know how I have been feeling over the past few days. After a fantastically wonderful few days over the Bank Holiday weekend with 'Husband' and family, I went down with the dreaded bug, and that was that. Luckily it wasn't anything we prepared ourselves, so at least my family aren't trying to kill me! I won't bore you with the quite obvious gory details but needless to say, I feel bad! So bad that I have been unable to do any work or even update the blog, truly awful. Still, knowing how bad this could have been, I feel that I have have had something of a lucky escape. 
Getting slowly better today, but still feeling as weak as a kitten, things have come to a halt on the painting front, just as I was gearing up for an all systems go assault on my next project. It is all extremely inconvenient and annoying as I hate being laid up with anything and get very grumpy when illness slows me down. The most that has been done so far this week, is a few sketches for the alphabet project and the purchase of some new colours that I will need for rendering the letter. I was really looking forward to getting cracking on that too.

As close as I can get just now,
 the Daniel Smith colour chart

I'm still here!
Waiting for some attention, the work for ISBA.
Elsewhere, strawberries, courgettes, french beans and tomatoes have all been potted up in the garden. Here they can get nice and big before being finally planted out into the new big veg patch. We are really looking forward to lots more of our own fruit and veg this year as last year was pretty dismal and the harvest was very poor. Already, the apple blossom is here, the blackcurrants have got lots of tiny fruits already forming and the rhubarb is huge. Oh goody, something to look forward to.    


Claire said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill Jarnie, not good! loads of love
C xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Ah well, these things do happen. Getting better though, so back to the paints soon. x