Monday, 13 May 2013

Four Square Meals

After my recent bought of yukky horribleness I am still trying to get the routine back into a smooth running machine. Usually by now, the blog updates will be ready and waiting for a few tweaks here and there and the inclusion of some snaps before pre-scheduling the publication dates. All very organised and sorted. Not so for the past week, and there has been much rushing about here and there trying to get everything done. It will be a relief when all is back on an even keel.

Work-wise is still a bit slow as I await the flowering of the yellow wort for the Irish alphabet. Working on something else in the meantime will get more done and I have got my eye on some pretty clematis montana and Bramley apple blossom currently looking their best in the garden. Please, just stay dry for a couple of days to allow the flowers to open.

Clematis montana
This one has perfectly pink buds
opening to pale pink-white flowers.
The acidy-green centres give a welcome zest.  

The Bramley apple has got one of my favourite blossom flowers.
Clear pink buds open to flowers with the most delicious scent.

The laptop has been red-hot this weekend as ordering of bits and bobs needed to be done. Mount boards, cello wraps for work, paints, paper and even some globe artichoke seeds all got ordered. I have always wanted to have a go at growing artichokes, and even though I don't really eat them much, they will look fabulous in the flower border. Postie will be a busy bunny this week delivering all my goodies!    
In the garden this weekend, 'Husband' worked extremely hard, between rain showers, to finish the last touches to the new veg patch. As the area is a huge square and far to big to tend all in one go, we decided to divide it up a bit. A pathway of old bricks did the job nicely and now we have four very manageable plots, which will give us plenty of produce throughout the rest of the year. Tomatoes, green beans and butternut squash also got planted up, to add to the abundance already in large pots waiting for patch space, so now all we need is a summer.

Our higgledy-piggledy veg patch.
The beds will be raised using planks,
then refilled with soil and compost, ready for planting.
Bramley, again.
Worth having in the garden for the display of blossom alone.


J R Shepherd said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Nothing like a blank garden canvas to get the creative juices going! I think your artichokes will be beautiful both in the garden and to paint. Just want it to warm up a bit now...

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh yes, there is plenty to get us going here! It seems that I am planning to grown the things I would now like to paint.