Monday, 27 May 2013

The Plant Hunter

What could be better for a British Bank Holiday? Sunshine, blue skies, tea with a slice carrot cake, a walk in the countryside and quality time with 'Husband'. Sunday saw us heading to our local country park for a lovely long walk in the gorgeous managed woodlands and meadows. With the chalk soil of the South Downs lending itself to some real botanical treasures, the hunt was on.

Plant hunter extraordinaire?
Ever willing to hunt high and low for that elusive Yellow Wort. 

Fun and games on the woodland assault course gave me every opportunity to get in training for seeking out that troublesome specimen, although I am not sure if the soil is quite right under the cargo net.

Cowslips thrive here and were easily spotted with their
ever-cheerful yellow clusters.
Further on and in the shade, swathes of wild garlic scented
the warm air and gave a pretty carpet of delicate flowers. 

The mix of sheltered, shady woodland with Beech, Birch and Rowan trees allows wood spurge, wild garlic and native bluebells to really give a beautiful display, and although the bluebells were nearly finished, the wild garlic looked beautiful.

The unmistakable wood spurge...

...and all manner of other plants

The way west.
Looking across the downs towards Staunton Country Park
and the South Downs Way. 

Aha, I spy yonder windmill...

...but it's not as close as you think.

The meadows and fields surrounding the park give tantalising views of the Downs towards Winchester and allow the sunshine to pour in. Signposts and stiles take you out of the park and into the wider countryside.
Leaving nothing but our footprints
 and taking nothing but photographs.



Laura Ashton said...

Lovely pictures Jarnie!! I love seeing fellow botanical artist out and about adventuring and searching for plants!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Aww, thanks Laura. Yes, the search continues. :)

Hedera said...

Looks like such a gorgeous, fun day Jarnie :)

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

It was indeed. :)