Friday, 24 May 2013

What Colour do you Call That?

The last couple of days really have been busy. First up is getting the frames right for my work, beginning with the mount, (mat). Trying different shades of cream, ivory, old white, new white, nearly white, off white, sail sheet white... whatever you want to call it, I ended up with just plain white. After all that, all I can say is, the creative brains in the colour marketing department at Farrow and Ball really have got a lot to answer for. Double mounting with that madam? Heavens, it gets worse.

That perfect combination? Nature does it so well

With names like Pointing, Great White, Lime White,
Wimborne White and All White, the Farrow and Ball colour
chart is a little daunting.
Luckily for me, the selection of whites, creams and neutrals for
mounts and frames is not so extensive.
Just the white one then please.

Anyway, now happy with the mount colour and style, it's onto frames, (here we go again). Now, do you want bleached, whitewashed, waxed, antiqued, aged, painted, satin, gloss...stop, that's quite enough, just get those bits off the wall and we'll try the bloomin' lot. Needless to say, after a long but actually quite enjoyable afternoon, we are all now happy with the choices, and my happy framer is busy in his workshop toiling away on my selection. Can't wait to see how these ones turn out, as I will use the same style for the SBA pieces next year. At least that's one job that can be ticked off the list. Now then, what's next? Ah yes, now what colour did we agree on for the bedroom?

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Janene said...

Good job on making all of those difficult decisions! It reminds me that I should do all of that too. I am looking forward to seeing your website!