Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Very Thorny Thursday

The excitement levels have gone up a notch or two over the past few days as things are really warming up, (no, not the weather!) A few more of my Kanzashi corsages have sold and the local arts and heritage centre I contacted is very interested in my one-day workshops. Also, my private student would like to come back. Yay! And even more fab was seeing these beautiful blooms on the hydrangea that grows on the old brick shelter. The first time it has flowered this well in three years.

Well done to you.
These look gorgeous amongst the honeysuckle
Work on the bramble for the ISBA project is underway and after a few tweaks here and there, I think it will be quite nice to do. The plant will definitely be the dominant feature here, but if you have brambles running rampant in your garden you will know all about that anyway. Still a bit nervous about the graded wash on the letter. There is a fear of a ruined piece if I don't get that bit right.

Bramble leaves have three to five 'leafllets'

New leaves have a fresher, brighter colour than older leaves
which develop a tinge of red as they age.

Early sketchbook notes and ideas

For my 'master' tracing, I draw straight onto drafting film

Also thinking on plans for my next piece. Foxgloves are looking good just now as is my Clematis 'Arabella' and the honeysuckle is just starting to get going. The warm, humid days of late have led to some pretty hefty thunderstorms, hence a sudden spurt of growth in the garden. Still, if it means I have things to paint at least something good will come from our dreadful summer.

Speaking of honeysuckle, here it is.

The white foxgloves grown from seed are everywhere.

The bright blue/purple of Clematis 'Arabella'
gives a nice contrast to the deep pinks and reds of the honeysuckle.


Laura Ashton said...

Lovely sketchbook work Jarnie. I look forward to seeing the finished piece!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Laura.

Hedera said...

Your excitement is infectious Jarnie. Love your drawings - best of luck with lettering. It looks great so far. :)

J R Shepherd said...

Great Sketchbook - so neat and tidy! Can't wait to see your D getting it's colouring. Looking great as always.

Janene said...

Your brambles are looking really good and the gradated wash on the letter will add a nice touch!