Friday, 14 June 2013

D is for Drastic Measures

With the Calla Lily study very nearly finished, now is the time to start work on the much anticipated ISBA Irish Botanical Alphabet project. An auspicious start with a change of plant right at the time when most plants are just getting into their stride,  was a bit of a disappointment, but that rather goes with the territory. If a plant won't grow, it just won't grow.
Well, with drastic measures taken and the plant problems finally behind me, it's time to tackle those thorny, uncooperative brambles again. To be honest, I quite like painting these prickly little bu***rs, and have been consulting my SBA sketchbooks to see how I painted them the last time. I used brambles for a study of hedgerow plants way back last summer and was quite pleased with how they turned out, so fingers crossed for this one.

From the sketchbook

From the final piece for
'Working in the Field'
To ladybird or not to ladybird?
That was the question.

So, with a couple of thumbnails and sketches under-way, it looks like the bramble will turn out quite nicely, following the curving shape of the Irish letter 'D', with pale pink blossoms and rich green leaves offsetting the grey of the letter. Not sure if I will add any other habitat plants as this might make for a busy affair, but I do like an insect or two, so you never know, Lucy Ladybird may make another appearance.

Can I add one of these please?

Well, you get the idea


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Janene said...

I remember your beautiful bramble well and look forward to seeing your next rendition!