Monday, 3 June 2013

Further Ramblings

As it was such a gorgeous day on Sunday, 'Husband' and I decided to once again, head into the hills. This weekend really felt like someone decided to 'switch on summer' and it is always best to make the most of it while it lasts. British summers are famous for the, three fine days and a thunderstorm scenario, so time was truly of the essence.
The South Downs once again, played host to our ramblings and the view from one of the highest points really is gorgeous on a clear day. You can even see the sea! And of course, no day in the countryside is complete without sheep, tea and cake, and being almost knocked over by an over-excited pooch.

The South Downs

How about this for the latest lawn mowing technology?
Of course, there was a semi-serious point to the expedition and that was, the hunt for the yellow wort. Yet again, no sight of this, evidently scarce botanical curio was to be seen, although there were plenty of other things to catch the eye. After two hours of wandering and fruitless hunting, it was time to abandon ship and head to the cool sanctuary of the cafe and their sumptuous offerings. Time for 'Plan B' methinks.
Spring hasn't been kind, but some hardy survivors
have arrived 

P.S. I must just give a hearty well done to a lovely friend, Tracy Hall who has just had a piece shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year. Tracy is a brilliant artist who works mainly on miniature pieces with a truly extraordinary level of detail. Check out her Watercolour Artist Diary blog to see her shortlisted piece. 


Claire said...

Love the south Downs and I used to live very close(Horsham).
I hope you find the elusive yellow wort. I have never seen it before!
My plant is not out yet but soon!!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Yes, it's proving a bit of a problem. Have just emailed Mary as I should have found it by now. Off to Beacon Hill this weekend.

Janene said...

Looks like a lovely day to spend in the countryside! Best wishes on your search for the wort.