Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More Splendour

This week has been so exciting, and it's only Wednesday. First up, is the news that two of my pieces have been accepted for a truly splendid exhibition in Ireland. This will be my first one since my graphic designer days, so I am currently sporting my finest impression of 'The Cheshire Cat'. And why not, if that's not a good enough reason to be outrageously cheery, I don't know what is. Well, getting some of my handmade lovelies into a gallery could manage it. Yes, it's those Kanzashi flower things again! A consignment of my summery, bohemian, vintage inspired little accessories are currently for sale at Rum's Eg gallery in Romsey, near Southampton. The portfolio went down well too.

Remember these?
Off to a new home.Time to get folding 
Off to 'The Emerald Isle'
Hogarth Curve and Sammy and Lucy
will enjoy a summer in Ireland

Alternative Alliums
Not quite ready for a public debut,
but a popular choice at Rum's Eg
Next, and adding to the splendour is the fact that I have actually put paint to paper and finally got a new piece under-way. It is embarrassing to confess that although I started a Clematis montana study, with every intention of making this my next masterpiece, it didn't work out that way. Oh, lordy, you know what it's like, you get so busy and things go on the back burner, and then disaster strikes. In this case, the British weather decided to intervene and scupper my plans. You name it, we had it, rain, gale force winds and even hail. I ask you, it is enough to trial the patience of a saint. Anyway, all the delicate blooms on my gorgeous Clematis have probably ended up in Hull as there are so few left. Back to the drawing board.
Calla Lilies are always a good subject and I love the architectural elegance of the flowers, with their delicate, folded trumpets held aloft on the slimmest of stems. Even the leaves are pretty splendid, so having got my hands on a growing pot of these little lovelies, it's off we go again. Three blooms, a couple of leaves here and there and voila! 

Colour, simplicity and elegance.
What's not to love about the Calla Lily?



J R Shepherd said...

I love your fabric flowers!!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Awww, thanks Jess, merely a little amuse-bouche, but they seem to go down quite well. Hope you had a great time at the Espacio Gallery.