Thursday, 27 June 2013

Striving for Perfection

My goodness, I can't quite believe it's nearly July already. Where has the time gone? The end of June always sees lots of celebrations in our household, with my brother having a Birthday two days after my Mum and Dad's Anniversary. So, lots of visiting and catching up and generally having a good time will be had by all.

Celebrations are also in order now that the big parcel that has been loitering in the hallway is now on its way to Ireland. There is always that feeling of anxiety when something precious gets posted. Will it get there? More importantly, will it get there in one piece?  It will be a relief to know when it has arrived safely or otherwise. Fingers tightly crossed until I get the 'it's here' email. 

Now that I have got the layout and composition ready for the alphabet project, I have a bit of time to take a more relaxed approach. It is so lovely to be able to take time over a painting rather than rushing towards a deadline, but also take the time to reflect on the areas of my painting that I am still looking to improve. Work by other artists that always catches my eye are the pieces that have a lot of light in them. Using white paper as a high shine or very light areas in a painting always looks effective and when this is combined with deep shade or colour, the overall finish is stunning. Rosie Sanders always produces really beautiful flower compositions using eye-popping colour and vibrant compositions. My favourites are the iris paintings with luscious purples in deep, velvety tones. Iris 'Action Front' by Fiona Strickland is also one of my favourite pieces, and perfectly captures that balance between light and shade. There's always more to learn as we strive for perfection. 

Setting the bar high.
One of the Sunflowers by Fiona Strickland

And again.
This time it's sprouts by Paul Fennell.

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