Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Countdown to Claregalway

The last weekend of June was truly fabulous as a trip to London was in order for my brother's birthday and Mum and Dad's Anniversary. The weekend was even more special as my uncle, Michael was also able to come over, and my brother's girlfriend was also there to make the day complete. The neighbour's two cats, Daisy and Smokey, (who seem to have taken up residence with my parents) also made an appearance and flopped about in the garden. As the weather held, we had a barbecue in the garden and had much merriement until late.
Work has been productive this week, with the final touches being made to the design for the alphabet project and some sketches for a couple of new pieces. Possibly a squash this time or maybe a heuchera, or, being really adventurous here, a pineapple! Hopefully we will get a holiday in soon, but just now I am working hard to get some of those bramble leaves finished. There are enough of them and I will need to do a good few washes to get the characteristics right. This time round, I must remember to leave the nibbled hole details in place as last time, I missed some of the smaller ones and painted over them. Oops, it's easy to get carried away.

3 days to go
Really delighted to see 'A Hogarth Curve'
chosen for the invitations to the preview invitations.
And it's always exciting seeing your name in print
Lots of my lovely new friends have pieces
here too.

This weekend sees the opening of the Claregalway Botanical Art Expo and I am so excited. The two pieces I sent arrived safe and well in Galway, and will be getting their place on the wall in the next few days. Although, I won't be able to go myself, the curator of the show, Jane Stark has been such a fabulous support and has even set aside some posters for the contributors to have a memento of the event.

The last few details to 'D' Day
The final design for my ISBA alphabet submission,
featuring an appearance by Sammy and Lucy
Let the painting begin.

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