Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hatches, Matches and Old School Dispatches

Life here in the Scottish Highlands continues at a sedate and leisurely pace, and I must admit to being quite grateful to being able to escape the media frenzy that has currently gripped the airwaves regarding a certain arrival. Thank goodness, as it does all seem to be just a little much, and I can only imagine that we are now going to be treated to every life event of this particular new-born.
Anyway, it would also now seem that the heat wave has abated a little with thunderstorms and torrential rain finally breaking the soaring temperatures. Just  as well, as I am sure my poor thirsty garden could do with a good soaking by now. Rain has yet to arrive here, and although the mornings start with low lying mist on the mountains, the afternoons are gloriously sunny and warm.

Just to demonstrate how slow time moves
up here. This post box still sports V R
for Queen Victoria.
Of course a dispatch had to sent from here. 

Something of a local landmark, The Birks cinema in Aberfeldy.
Closed for some years, this classic 1930s Art Deco building
has been fully restored and now houses a state-of-the-art
cinema, café, restaurant and bar.
Going really old school, you can even take your
glass of wine into the auditorium to enjoy the
latest live broadcast from the Bolshoi Ballet or
a summer blockbuster. 

A typical day in the Highlands

The locals are always pleased to see us.
The Ewes all have little ones in tow.

Feeling a little lazy, enjoying the sunshine, I have only just started some sketches of honeysuckle, foxgloves and other floral finds that I have come across.The first few days here are always a bit mad, as there is a lot of sorting out and working out how the oven works and so on. Anyway, now that I am in working mode, things should get going.

Getting started

Something on paper, at last.

Growing everywhere, Foxgloves
add splashes of colour to a woodland walk.
Further news, I am delighted that 'A Hogarth Curve' has been selected for the UK Handmade Summer Wedding Showcase. Have a browse through the gorgeously put together 'Look Book' which is available to view for the next six weeks. And to add to this delightful news, there is to be an extension of the Botanical Expo at Claregalway Castle, with the exhibition now being on during Ireland's National Heritage Week, 19th - 25th August.


Elisabeth said...

I'm still searching for a decent watercolor sketchbook - that looks like a nice one. Would you mind saying what brand it is?

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Not at all Elisabeth. This one is a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, I've had for ages. Saunders Waterford do a good Hot press sketchbook and Stillman and Birn have just launched their series of Zeta sketchbooks. All lovely to use. Hope this helps.