Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Heavy Metal

The 'Scottish Odyssey' continues with trips to the river, the woods, an Arts an Crafts hotel for lunch, a local art exhibition and all manner of walks and hikes in the mountains. Great stuff, and the weather has been somewhat fabulous, which is quite unusual for this part of the world, as normally there is constant drizzle and mist.
Yesterday included a trip to the local smithy. This place has been going strong for years and every time we visit the glen, we keep meaning to go there, but of course, never do. Well, this year we made sure of a visit, and I am so glad we did because the work by artist Heather Cumming, who also goes by the fantastic name of 'The Iron Fairy' is truly extraordinary. Heather creates all manner of sculptural pieces out of scrap metal, using the highly skilful, and traditional methods of the blacksmith. In the gallery and yard of the Keltneyburn Gallery and smithy workshop Heather shares with her artist mother Morag, enormous, full sized horses sit comfortably alongside the smallest, most whimsical mice that you have ever seen. A couple of purchases of an adorable owl and of course, one of those mice had to be made. All wrapped and ready for the journey home, you will be introduced to these fellows later.

Owl in flight

Even the garden gate makes a unique statement

One of Heather's horses, a work in progress.
Heather worked for a time on the Goodwood Estate,
with a top dressage trainer, indulging her passion for horses.

Swallows in flight.
With so many bird species here, it's no wonder
Heather's work includes them. 

Not quite forgetting the sketchbook, today looks like a rainy, indoor activities sort of a day, so hopefully I can get the paints out again. Of course, I was hoping to do some painting outside, but with so many other fabulous distractions here, it's easy to get side-tracked.



Debbie Nolan said...

Wow Jarni - Heather's work is fabulous. The gate is outstanding. So glad you shared her work on your post. Have a great trip.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Debbie. Yes, it really was lovely to see these sculptures.