Wednesday, 10 July 2013

In the Slow Lane

Is it me, or does July feel like it is going to be a slow moving month? You know the ones, they just feel like they are going to go on for ever and the next one will never get here. Now I know it's only the first week and maybe its the fact that summer has hit with a vengeance, but it just feels slow and sluggish.
That being said, the bramble painting is coming along. the flowers of the bramble are really pale so a very light wash of a mix of Permanent Rose and French Ultramarine has been followed by a darker shadow mix of the same colours but with a bit of lemon added. The leaves are a different story as there are so many of them, but a good rich mix of Indanthrene Blue, Lemon Yellow and just a touch of light red should come in handy, along with a cooler mix using Cerulean and Lemon, again with a little red.

The mixes

Starting the painting
Just now I am also turning my thoughts to my submission for the SBA exhibition next year. The SBA has seen a number of changes recently with the launch of a new Facebook Page, a new president in Sandra Wall Armitage and new ideas for the future beginning to take shape. It's great to see the society embracing the social network so many of us already utilise and I am looking forward to the great things to come.
Anyway, back to the submission. Six paintings are needed and I know I have three good ones from my 'Three Piece Suite' which I would like to use, so three more to find or paint. The recent Calla study was fun to do but I am not certain that it sits well with the others, although the colours do compliment one another quite well. Sammy and Lucy is a whole different ball game and although it was displayed along with other student work this year, it might not make the cut for London next year. Of course, whatever I submit must pass the selection board and all six must be accepted for me to gain Associate Membership. It might be the case that I use the time I have wisely, (the date for submissions will be in March next year rather than February as in previous years) to come up with something new.   


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