Sunday, 21 July 2013

Time for a Little Travel

Mid July heralds the annual family exodus to Scotland. The cars get stuffed to bursting point, early alarm calls all round, and off we go, hitting the road. A passage from The Wind in the Willows comes to mind, " ...the open road, the dusty highway, here today and up and off to somewhere else tomorrow. Change, travel..." Too right there Mr. Toad.
The Highlands are always really lovely at this time of year with heather forming a velvety, purple carpet that can be seen staining the landscape with a bluish haze for miles around. Noble deer and delightfully cheeky red squirrels can be spied if you're lucky, quiet and patient, and there is always the presence of the cries of buzzards and osprey in the skies above. I have heard many call this part of Scotland a 'Big Sky' country, and they are not wrong.  

Fast moving rivers and birch trees are synonymous with this part
of the country.

Swirling water through the trees, delightful.

Off the beaten track and a warm welcome.
The owner of our rented property always
makes us feel at home.
It's good to be back

Of course, the sketchbooks are here with me, so I will be keeping a beady one open for ripe subjects. Rosie Sanders in her Blog posted a delightful sketchbook style page of wildflowers from a recent visit to Portheras Cove in Cornwall. So much light and movement have been captured in her subjects, and by using a mix of watercolour and graphite, Rosie really demonstrates how sketches can be beautiful as well as informative.
A scented arrival

Something odd looking 

A new find

blooming marvellous
So, this week should be action packed with hiking, picnics, painting, sketching and all manner of 'outdoorsy' type adventures. You can probably tell that the sun lounger is something of a unknown for me. 

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