Friday, 9 August 2013

Home Again

Home again, and it's always lovely when you get that first night's sleep back in your own bed. Holidays are always great fun and a time for some well needed rest, relaxation and a change of pace and scene. Of course, when you get back, there is the catching up with messages, a huge pile of post blocking the front door and, the washing! On my return, there were also some lovely surprises. A cheque for some sales at Rum's Eg gallery, a request for workshop classes and some money back on my car tax. Happy days.  
Work, is awaiting me of course and there is much to do on the ISBA alphabet piece. Having started the blackberry blossoms before leaving for my holiday, the fruits are now forming on the plants in the garden. Still undecided about adding some fruit to the composition, the leaves will keep me busy in the meantime.

Back to that reminder of what I am meant to be doing.

Plenty of photos of the real thing should help me to fill in the gaps
where the plants have withered a bit in the heat.
Memories of Scotland are still with me in my sketchbook and having taken loads of photos of some thistles, the idea for my next piece is coming together. Thumbnails here we come again.

Starting the foxglove sketch.

And finished




J R Shepherd said...

You are so good at serrated leaves Jarnie - especially bramble leaves. Even a quick sketch looks stunning.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Jess, that's sweet of you. Can't wait to see your finished coffee plant.