Friday, 2 August 2013

Leaving the Glen, (and a few last surprises)

Well, all good things must come to an end, and we are enjoying the last day of our time here in beautiful Perthshire, Scotland. It has been a truly wonderful couple of weeks and it looks like the weather (and those irritating little midges) have been on our side right 'till the very end. Even though I have been coming to this glen for most of my life, it still has the ability to surprise and delight.

Beautiful Glenlyon

A delightful little carved squirrel

Even in one of the remotest stretches of the glen,
the cheery Asda delivery man
makes sure the supplies get through.
One of these poor guys was cut-off in one
of the glens for four
days in the snow last year.
Lots of photos of the local flora, (and fauna) have given me loads of ideas for new pieces, especially the thistle. A real Scottish thistle is a thing of beauty and I hope I can do it justice on paper. The sketchbook hasn't been utilised as much as I had hoped as I have been enjoying the outdoors far too much and will even be coming home with something of a sun tan! Quite extraordinary.

One to tackle,
the Scottish Thistle

Beautiful shades of green

Whilst preparing dinner, I spotted this tiny little fellow just by
the kitchen door.
So quick, I couldn't get the clearest of shots, this is in fact, a shrew.
My first ever sighting of one.

Plump, velvety and well fed, the shrew spent quite a long time
snuffling and rootling around for food before
scuttling into a nearby burrow.

And off he goes, as do we.
Time to head for home. 

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Janene said...

Sounds (and looks) like a delightful holiday!