Tuesday, 13 August 2013

More Than a Little Makeover

Well, as you can see, work has begun on transforming, 'The Garden Shed of Epic Proportions' into Sketchbook Squirrel's new HQ. Just now there is no floor, no roof and no door for that matter, but it's all been jolly good fun ripping and tearing the old and rotten wood and giving this once useful and, in it's way rather endearing old ship lap building a new lease of life. Make do and mend as they say. 

Before the real work began.
It takes a lot of imagination to see how this will turn out.
Double width doors with double 3/4 length windows
should really maximise the light.

Without a floor, but the original door can be seen
 in the left hand corner,
and the original waxed lining paper is still on the walls.
Inside is big enough for a few students to come for workshops.

No longer a roof over our heads.
Peeling back the years.
here's the original roof covering.
So different to what we have nowadays  
Of course, common sense would say, just tear the whole thing down and get a sparkly new cabin built. Well, yes but have you seen how much they cost! My goodness, I had a quote for a new log cabin built to the same size that was going to set me back about £9,000. I don't know about you, but thought that was a little excessive. So, with carpentry skills care of Dad and a small budget set aside, it's the DIY option for me. 
The old shed does have it's charms. It dates back to somewhere in the 1940s and we believe that the garden was not it's original destination, there is evidence to suggest this building had a prior use and has a second door in the back that doesn't match the front. As was so often the case back then, old buildings could be bought and moved to new locations. Just now, there are loads of  Victorian signal boxes that have been decommissioned and are being sold off, with some survivors being given Listed Status. Hmmm, now one of those would make a lovely summer house.  


Janene said...

How exciting! It's an ambitious project, but I bet it's going to be marvelous. It will have way more personality, and hold more memories as a re-purposed building rather than new.

J R Shepherd said...

And the work begins! It's going to be AMAZING once it is complete. Soooo jealous.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Janene, yes it's exciting and a little scary. There were times when we thought the whole thing was going to collapse.

Hope so Jess. Can't wait to get it all done, but it's going to take ages.