Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Next up, Noggins!

Phew! What a busy couple of weeks we have had here at Squirrel HQ. The shed (er, studio) is really starting to come together, and although there is still much to do, it really is time that I got back to the day job and did some painting. But first, time for a little browse, and some window shopping. 
Of course, you may immediately think that I have been off searching for gorgeous new bits and bobs for the studio or for my work box. Well, I might have had a quick peek at Craig Young's  exquisite, handmade brass and enamel painting palettes, but at £250, I could buy the insulation for that. Indeed. And speaking of insulation, that is what will be up next for Squirrel HQ. Boring yes, but necessary unless I want to freeze to my easel during the long, bleak winter months of dear old Blighty. Of course, as with most things there is a plethora of choice when it comes to keeping the warmth in. The mind boggles at foil covered foam boards, fibreglass wrapped in a long bag and even for the green and eco minded amongst us, sheep's wool on a roll. Oh yes, for all pockets, there is a solution.

Anyway, work on the studio has had to take a bit of a breather while the bank balance recovers from the shock and I get some painting done. Of course, the workers need a break too, I can't expect the elder statesmen of the family (Mum and Dad), to work themselves to a frazzle, so it was back home for them last week, and back to work for 'Husband' this week. As the shed will eventually be a space for me, I feel duty bound to keep on going where I can, so it will be fixing in the 'noggins' next for me.

Def. noggin. nogging, (Eng.Aus). noun. A short piece of timber set between two joists or rafters to make them rigid.

Every bit helps.
using leftover timber to cut the noggins

Noggin anyone?
Here is the said item, and a vital brace between two joists it is too.
These will get fixed at intervals across the whole floor.  

A little light reading.
The DIY catalogue is surprisingly addictive.

Just now it feels like progress has really slowed down, but if I can keep on doing bits here and there, it will all come together. Eventually.

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