Tuesday, 20 August 2013

No Idle Hands Here

With the bare bones of the refurbishment of the shed into a studio well under way, it was time for a well earned rest. We had all been working so hard for eight days solid since last Saturday, that it was time to take a breather and take a break. Taking time to look back over what we have actually achieved in the time we had.
I am so proud of all my family for really pulling together and working as a team to make some serious progress. Old floor and roof off; walls pulled in and straightened; back wall lifted and straightened and new foundations, floor joists, roof struts and panels in place, it really has been some going. Somehow, the bruises, bumps, cuts, grazes and aches all feel worth it.
Of course, with any building, the 'skeleton' is only really the beginning, it's what's inside that really makes a home and this is where the fun begins. But as time and funds allow, this will have to wait a little bit. The windows and doors may have to wait a bit too, so just now we will give a bit of TLC to the existing ones, just to make things a bit more secure. Still, with the new floor to put down and insulation to on the walls to install this week, there is plenty to keep us all going.

Under all this lot are the newly installed floor joists.
The foundation is a series of footings, arranged under
the joists as supports.
Built on a base of hard-core, bricks and a damp proof course, all
cemented firmly in place.
To give a sort of 'sprung' feel to the floor, some pieces of the old roofing felt
has been placed just under the joists.
Good to see it can take all that weight.

Ah, electrics.
Here is the power house behind Squirrel HQ.
Armoured cable is a must for an outdoor power job,
but this is located underground.
This neat little consumer unit means the sockets, lights and
other functions can be located on separate ring circuits.
Already being used for the job, the first double socket.
This will all be moved later into cupboards and along the skirting. 

More on the roof.
These boards will help add extra stability to the thinner roof sheets.
When the felt goes on, these will be covered.

The right tools for the job.
With a cordless drill, screwdriver and a couple of these nifty clamps,
most of the work has been made a lot easier  


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