Friday, 23 August 2013

Terrific at Two

Another year and another Happy Birthday to Squirrel. Yes, it'll be two tomorrow and I love to note the day just as I would any other birthday. Well, it is a milestone and yet again I am delighted by the number of new visitors and friends who have had a browse through the Squirrel Archives, and pop by to see the updates. Through good times and bad, it has been so lovely to share all the comings and goings here, and I have met so many more lovely, like minded folk. Here's to more jolly times ahead.
Since this time last year, so much has happened. The graduation with Distinction from the SBA in April really got things off to a good start and since then there have been exhibitions, classes and all manner of new opportunities. So exciting, and just now I am working on projects such as the new website, which should be up and running soon, and some workshop classes. So watch this space.
Since we got the shed refurbishment started, I have had little time for work, but now we have had to take a bit of a break from that project, it's back to the day job. There is plenty to do, with the SBA pieces to get ready for exhibition as well as the ISBA brambles to get finished by November, so it looks like I will have a busy few months ahead. Thank you to everyone for your loyal, continued support, it is always much appreciated.  

The underlay for the roof going on,
and a coat of wood preservative
Happy Birthday Squirrel


Janene said...

Congrats to Squirrel for all accomplished, and I look forward to more to come!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Janene, you've been great and so supportive. xx