Monday, 16 September 2013

Demos and DIY

Well, so much for a quick recovery, I can't quite believe I dropped off the radar for over a week. By now I was hoping to be back at my desk happily painting away at some of the lovely little temptations that have been strewn around the garden over the last couple of days or slogging away at those brambles. So much dreadful weather has brought down branches and so many 'windfall' apples, the freezer is struggling to cope, but also, there have been interesting seed heads, leaves and berries too. Needless to say, I am still not quite tickety-boo and am finding the whole situation really rather tiresome and unbelievably tiring. So, with that in mind 'tis only a short missive today.
Of course, not being able to paint does not mean resting on the old laurels for one moment, and this week has seen me spending time building my new website. Yes, it's good old muggins here who has become a DIY web builder, captaining her own ship towards calm seas and a safe harbour, (you can tell I am on medication here can't you). If all goes well, and I can get my head round the so called "easy to use drag and drop tools", designed by an MIT whizz-kid no doubt, we should be heading forth within the next two weeks.
Planning is already afoot for the next workshops that I am booked to do. There is always so much produce at this time of year that I am finding it hard to settle on a subject. Vegetables and fruits are always a good option and I have a real soft spot for these subjects, so, chillis, onions, peppers and apples may make the shortlist for my next demo.
I miss my cosy corner
    P.S Work on Squirrel HQ will resume shortly. Hurrah.

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